Carnival #8: Authority

It seems like most folks want a broader topic for the carnival, so I am opening up March’s carnival with the topic of authority.  You can take this as a jumping off point to talk about

  • The authority of the church or scriptures–how they get (or don’t have) authority over us
  • The authority of your conscience, reason, etc.
  • The authority of the state (perhaps in connection with your conscience)
  • Whether you think of “authority” as a negative or a positive, and your experiences with it.
  • These are all just ideas.  Take it and run with it, people!

Again, I’m opening up calls for hosts.  Ideally, I’d like to get some of the UU Blog Award winners to host.  So if you’re interested, leave a comment or email.  I might call on people individually if I don’t get responses, so be prepared for me to knock on your virtual door!

Curious how to send carnival submissions?  Click on the big link at the right that says “submissions.”  I am aiming to have the carnival online Friday, March 2, so you have 11 days to work on some posts!

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10 Comments on “Carnival #8: Authority”

  1. I’m not a winner, but I would host some time….

    I like this topic. I was a bit flummoxed by the last quote.

  2. UUpdater Says:

    FYI – beginning the morning of 2/25 through the nd of day 3/1 a special announcement promoting the carnival should appear on UUpdates. If you don’t see it feel free to ping me.

  3. ck Says:

    Thanks! I appreciate the additional advert for the carnival!!

  4. Jess Says:

    UUpdater – great reminder!

  5. Do you have any posts for this? I’m posting about it on my blog, but I haven’t seen anyone writing about it…..

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